Путь в мир комьюнити. Way to the world community.



4 — го декабря 2015 года сходили на форум, который организовали достаточно известные в России специалисты: Станислав Гринберг, Ия Имшенецкая, Юлия Иванова. Провайдером являлся «Каменный Город», кто учится  жизни и по жизни, этот центр образования  знает. Первым выступал Стас.  И одной из ключевых тем речи было то, что мы входим в другую, совершенно новую эпоху бизнеса и отношений. Мы идем в мир сообществ… Компании, люди-бренды, в стратегической перспективе,   успешными и востребованными могут быть, только при условии наличия приверженности и эмоциональной связи. Снова подтвердился правильный взятый нами курс в начале года на создании нескольких комьюнити. Кроме того Станислав рассказал о тренде усиления профессиональных компетенций, опять же через сообщества. Эпоха специализации пришла и уже внутри жизни.   Приятно осознавать, что тренд прочувствован, понят и внедряется. комьюнити экспертов «ExperTeam» и сообщество маркетологов Перми  «Marketing Wednesdays» созданы и функционируют  Весной 2014  года мы с Галиной Черноваловой даже написали на эту тему статью на международную Пражскую конференцию и вышли с ней в сборнике научных работ. Слушая людей и глядя на происходящие процессы, приятно, что тогда уже писали о смыслах,  которые становятся явными сейчас.

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Way to the world community

   The article deals with the search for innovative solutions in the interaction of enterprises with internal and external environment, as a necessary response to the demands of a rapidly changing world. As one of these solutions authors see organization of professional off and on-line communities, included in the company infrastructure and allowing to increase their competitiveness. Professional communities will let companies to perform the following tasks quickly: to manage knowledge bases effectively, share best innovative solutions of the international community, to facilitate finding relevant information, to reach a new level of economic development.

   The dynamics of the world economy development of the XXI century is different from the previous development stages with the presence and the ability to use the intangible assets of companies in the production of material goods effectively. The main factors of sustainable organizations’ development enhancing their competitiveness in today’s conditions, are scale of using new knowledge, key competencies and personnel qualifications, the rate of advanced technologies introduction and management practices.

   Significant productivity increase in the sphere of material production in the countries with developed market economies is largely due not natural resource but human potential and the emergence of new forms of production organization meeting the needs of modern information society. As historical analysis shows only the innovative way of leading countries development ensures the success of the economy in the long run. It is obvious that the Russian economy has no other alternative but to create conditions for intensive development of innovative activities. Innovative strategy of economic development worldwide has been recognized as a priority for organizations, but it is currently there are enough of innovative organizations to make a breakthrough in this direction.

  This breakthrough requires not only competent strategic concepts, but also a systematic structured, dynamic functional management systems in organizations, which is the basis of their sustainable development, and as a result, creates the prerequisites for sustainable economic development of the regions.

   Organization is a complex systems consisting of subsystems and infrastructure and the degree of their coherence, timely and comprehensive response to changes in the external and internal environment conditions the organization position in the economic environment.

Modern organizations are committing to long-term development of strategic objectives,  which include the search for optimal ways of using all kinds of resources at their disposal. They realize that the most important and difficult to manage resource in the enterprise is its staff, and they are always looking for new ways of its management and development.

The world is undergoing unprecedented change in the history of globalization , the economy moving to the Internet space , erasing geographical factor in the competition — if earlier the company competed with those currently located in the same or nearby towns, now companies are competing with the best in the world. Book store now competes with Ozon.ru and Amazon.com companies are competing with Microsoft, Procter & Gamble and other world leaders for the talented employees.

Young talented employees have a high mobility and a number of needs: communication, dynamics, rapid acquisition of new knowledge and information, etc. This generation no longer binds themselves with «anchors» to one company and a city, it is easy to change the location, they are beyond borders, distances do not exist for them.

This fact must be taken into account when organizing the formation of management tools and staff development , thinking , to paraphrase D.Carnegie «not what we like, but what a qualified employees needs»

«Traditional production resources have and already identified their limits, and only a human capital is unlimited in its ability to remain resources that are in ourselves — knowledge, skills, inventiveness, culture, human memory, creativity and so on» [1]

  The world is coming to the period when the progress of civilization will be determined exclusively by intellectual and educational power of a man. Therefore, an essential condition for the existence and progress of modern humanity is a transition to a new development strategy of the society based on knowledge and high educational technologies.

In scientific literature there is a number of concepts for definition of infrastructure. Here are some of them:

  • Infrastructure – is a collection of sub-systems, sectors performing certain function; [2]
  • Infrastructure – is a system of infrastructure organizations relationships and how they interact; [3]
  • Infrastructure – is any «common part of two or more functionally different processes» where the number of such processes determines the «degree of system’s infrastructure. [4]

The infrastructure development of personnel management mechanism definition, we determine as an organizational system that provides conditions for effective personnel development management in the organization aiming to identify and enhance the required competencies of staff for organizations in accordance with their strategic goals and objectives.

One of the key tasks in organizations is to create an infrastructure mechanism to solve the following problems:

  • Accelerate the exchange of information with both outside world and within the organization;
  • Ensure communication of different professional and personal directions;
  • Maximize the involvement of staff in the process of self-development.

Professional on-line communities can solve these and many other tasks within the organization.

Business community — is an organizational concept that can be used to simulate the patterns of communication for the business relationships between trading partners. This can be considered a B2B integration model. In a broader sense, «the business community» as a whole is a group of industries that in the real world are often connected by geographic area where commercial exchanges take place. [5]

Let’s have a look at the variety of as have now. If we take marketing, they are: SOMAR (Union of Russian marketers); RAMU (Russian Association of Marketing Services); Marketers Guild; in PR: sphere they are Raso, ICCO, ACAR — in Russia; ICCO, IPRA — in the world. These active professional communities, taken as an example in the field of marketing and PR, are at the forefront of innovation, they were the first to feel the trend started a global professional communication involving specialists of other related industries: in sales, management and negotiations. The next step must forming a network of inter-branch relations.

Organizations that create business community as an instrument of infrastructure personnel management, accelerate the following problems’ solving:

  • Quick search and attraction of new specialists;
  • Meet the demand of people for dialogue and giving this communication the right direction;
  • Identify opinion leaders and new “stars” among staff;
  • PR campaign problem solving;
  • Krautsorsing — getting innovative «tricks» and new ideas , ideas from their employees and from the «outside world»; The possibility of the company and employees to get information about themselves, about their positioning;
  • Formation and increase of customer loyalty and employee engagement;
  • Possibility of a larger scale problem solving related to the social orientation of the business, to promote the mission and values;
  • Conduct training;
  • Create discussions on current topics;
  • Quickly get information on various issues , not from the «meeting room, but from the trenches»;
  • Solve strategic problems. 

    On-line communities, like any infrastructure element, ane to be moderated correctly in the right hands . The function of the professional business community moderator is performed by a community manager. The only purpose facing the community manager is: to create conditions for rapid growth and high integration of the community — the club of loyal employees, society, customers. Not just increase the number of members of community members, but to create a strong emotional connection of participants with high loyalty and engagement.

     Community management has its instruments. It is more than 40 applications tools of social psychology, distributed in the following groups:

  • reputation management, including working with feedback and comments;
  • Work with opinion leaders;
  • personal attention;
  • 5 minutes of fame;
  • involvement;
  • the formation of the active community core;
  • the contest;
  • attracting audience.

In addition to these groups, it is useful to be able to manage targeted advertising in social networks and make creative content.

All together it makes possible to solve the basic problems created in business community organizations in line with the strategic objectives of the company.

Community Manager jobs has a KPI, which is possible to be calculated by following indicators.


  • the speed of response to the comments;
  • the average number of replies to posts (including communications strategy and architecture);
  • Percentage of covered comments;
  • frequency of content in the specified range.


  • the ability to use the tools described in the previous chapter;
  • the ability to create and hold discussions;
  • the ability to communicate with everyone individually;
  • the ability to reduce the degree of negativity and give thanks for the positive;
  • quality and creativity of content.

    It is important to understand that the company performance KPI in social media differs from community manager KPI.

Implementation of infrastructure personnel management mechanisms in the form of on-line professional communities has a growing role in the world and leading corporations. Infrastructure business communities allow to provide large-scale effects are flexible and responsive to the needs of economic system and external factors form, mechanisms for solving strategic problems of organizations that make up the structure of economy. Alongside with that, the complexity of personnel development tasks and current state of infrastructure mechanisms require management intervention aimed at improving the existing infrastructure mechanisms for personnel development management and economic systems.

In this regard, the main objectives of innovative staff development infrastructure system to ensure high competitiveness of the organization should be the following:

  • Increase the speed and quality of personnel training for innovation;
  • Maximize the involvement of staff in the process of self- innovation.
  • Formation of optimal staff motivation to ensure its high performance and efficiency.

Creating a system of innovative personnel development continuous formation based on its maximum engagement , increase of quality and reduction of training rate for innovation, as well as optimal staff motivation, implies set of information-infrastructural mechanisms that trigger the transformation of innovative staff development and provide deep functional stability with elements of self-organization.

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http://www.iccopr.com ICCO

http://www.ipra.org IPRA


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